So, I attempted to Macy’s online concert tonigh.

It was just amazing.

She sang some amazing covers, like Payphone, Pumped Up Kicks and Fast Car.

And some old stuff, like Hope It’s You, You and me Are Warriors, Pretty Little Liar, That Thing That You Do.

And she sang some new stuff, like Lost Time. And then her manager asked her to play Come Back Home. It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I’m wordless! Even tho I’m not sure with she’s still with Cam, I can’t help it but thnk she wrote it for him. It’s a really awesome song.¬†

We all wanted her to play Home Is With You, but it didn’t happen. But I don’t blame her. She wrote it for Cam, and I’m not sure id they’re still together, so it would be akward for her to play it.

Talking about him, he said he was going to watch it too. If he did, he saw how crazy fans can be, like seriously. Hahaha.

There was a chat room beside, so we could all chat. There was this time when I wrote ‘You’re amazing Macy’ and she was like ‘Thanks you! You’re amazing too!” I DIED!

I sang along, I danced, I screamed. Oh my God, I screamed SO MUCH! My parents were sleeping, I think I woke them up.

Okay,¬†summarizing: it was amazing, awesome, flawless. She’s amazing, awesome, flawless. I just love her so much. Thanks for the most awesome night of my life <3